Devil in the Wires



From Iraq to Paris, to London, to Chicago: the Devil’s in the wires, and Hell’s about to follow.



3 thoughts on “Devil in the Wires

    • It’s a great cover, isn’t it? Not my doing, though – that’s the HarperVoyager art department at work. I have self-published with the short story collection News from Unknown Countries on Amazon. It was a simple enough job (at least for e-books). I presume you’ve tried shopping your novel round the usual agents and publishers and got very, very fed up? It has a great opening chapter, plenty to pull the reader in. There are pros and cons to self-publishing – the best thing being that your work is out there and available, the problems being that it can be hard to raise interest in it (as it can even if you go with a large publisher) and, unless you get a lot of interest, established publishers/agents will probably no longer want to look at it. But they may want to look at your next, or the one after that. Good luck, anyway! And thanks for your comment.

      • Ohh okay i wasn’t sure if you did the cover yourself. But it’s still a great cover!
        Well, I’ve actually decided to self-publish my series because I’ve tried going traditional style with another series and it just wasn’t working. I know that self-publishing can be a difficult road, but at least i’ll have more control. Thanks for the advice!

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