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  1. Dear Tim,

    Are there any plans to publish News from Unknown Countries as an ebook on stores or sources other than Amazon?

    Thanks and regards,


    • Sorry, Joel, I’ve not looked at the website for a while and think I missed your query. Unknown Countries is actually published by Amazon, so as far as I’m aware there’s nowhere else to buy it. HarperCollins recently published my new novel, The God Hunter, but it seems that short story collections are regarded as slow sellers and, generally speaking, unless you’re a big seller, major publishers are reluctant to take them. Still, I live in hope.

      Thanks for your interest!

      Very best,


      • Hello Tim,

        You were kind enough to reply originally that Amazon was the only source, so I purchased it there and it is on the reading list.

        It’s just that I gradually developed an antipathy for the company and moved my purchasing elsewhere. However, if that’s where you publish, then that’s where I’ll go.

        That story collections are seen as less desirable properties is a real shame as so many of my memorable reading experiences have come from that form. SF works especially well when there is a sharp point to make.

        I have a trip coming up and I look forward to tucking in!

        With best regards,




      • I realise Amazon has had a lot of negative publicity of late, and I don’t know enough to comment on that. Basically, it looked like the best way to reach a large number of potential readers, so I thought I’d try it. I have another couple of books out that don’t have to be bought through Amazon _ Frankenstein’s Prescription (Tartarus Press) and The God Hunter (HarperCollins).

        I agree with you about SF short stories, by the way. It’s often the ideal form for the medium.

        Thanks once again for your interest. Much appreciated! And I hope you enjoy the book!


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