Novel: Frankenstein’s Prescription

Frankenstein’s Prescription

by Tim Lees

Hans Schneider is a drunkard and a womanizer; everyone agrees he’s heading for a bad end. When he kills a fellow student in a duel, he finds himself banished to an isolated rural hospital, far from the pleasures he desires. There he meets the mysterious Dr Lavenza, and learns about the Frankenstein prescription – the secret of eternal life.

Together, Schneider and Lavenza set out to collect the missing pieces of the formula. But they are not alone. From Germany to Rome, from Rome to Paris, to the failed and wretched Eden of an all-too-human God, a dreadful creature follows in their wake, bringing destruction wherever they go.

Poor Schneider wants an easy time: drink, women and good company. Instead, he finds himself beset by ghosts and madmen, in a world where music brings the dead to life, and even the most terrifying monster can prove strangely sympathetic…

Frankenstein’s Prescription is available now from World Fantasy Award-winning publisher Tartarus Press, in a truly elegant hardcover edition; also available from the same source as an e-book.

Buy here:

…a philosophically insightful and literary tale of terror.” – Publishers Weekly
“…it is, quite frankly, a brilliant novel, one which takes the old stereotype and fills it with vibrant new life. The story is gripping, with each and every element of the plot fitting into place perfectly . . . It’s only February, and I may already have read the best horror novel of 2011.” Peter Tennant, Black Static.
“The characters within this book are complex and very well written; Lees does an excellent job of depicting the world and ideals of the early 1900’s.” – Matthew Johns, The British Fantasy Society
“His appreciation for the subject shines throughout, making this an appealing read, beautifully packaged by Tartarus Press”- Twilight Ridge
“The writing style is sharp and descriptive … The period is realistically described … Grim and beautifully written.” William Simmons, Hellnotes.
Frankenstein’s Prescription has the feeling of vintage Michael Moorcock in a black, Gothic vein” – Julian White, Starburst Magazine

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